Key benefits of baslac:

baslac® is a profitable easy-to-use complete refinishing solution which offers an overall modern solution to do all refinish jobs on the car quickly and with best results. baslac® provides reliable colour competence, excellent product quality and a modern, e-oriented customer service. it is a lean and easy to use range of high quality refinishing products at a cost effective price.

baslac is complete refinish solution made to fit all needs and wants of independent work-shops who are looking for good quality at an affordable price. The unique value propositions of baslac are as follows:

  • very good quality, produced in France and Germany with utmost care and zero defects.
  • More than 130,000 + color formulations
  • Excellent hiding power
  • Shelf life of 5 years for entire paint products.
  • Very low consumption.
  • Grey shade concept in primerfiller.
  • Universal clear coat (same product can be used as HS and MS).
  • Common hardner and reducer/thinner for undercoat, paint and clearcoat.
  • Effective color finder tool box having over 3000+ sprayed sample chips for matching color.
  • baslac software which not only includes formula finder, it can provide mixing reports, pricing, technical data sheet and whole lot of other features.

baslac consumption level is so less that it can be used as a major tool for cost cutting, that too without compromising on the job quality.
Another feature of baslac is that it has been researched and developed marvellously. It has a limited portfolio but the same products can be used for multiple applications. Therefore, buying bigger and common cans can reduce the cost as well as the wastage.


High quality is the basis

baslac® offers you a lean and easy to use range of high quality refinishing products for all repair jobs at a cost effective price. Our reliable color competence is backed by the assurance of BASF, a leading global manufacturer. Improve the profitability of your bodyshop and get baslac®.

Basecoat 35?

  • fast and easy baslac® Basecoat for solid metallic and pearl colors
  • best color match with color tool baslac® Global Color Finder
  • strong hiding power and low material consumption

Topcoat 30‑

  • very effective baslac® 2K Topcoat
  • excellent hiding power
  • easy and save application, no matter which temperature or object size

2K Panel Clear 40‑10

  • fast drying baslac® Clear for small repairs
  • easy and safe to spray plus easy to polish

2K Universal Clear 40‑40

  • high gloss baslac® HS Clear for all types of repairs
  • excellent weathering resistance
  • very good polishing behaviour

2K VOC Clear 40‑440

  • safe and easy baslac® VOC Clear for all types of repairs
  • fast drying with very good polishing behaviour

2K Primerfiller 20‑24, 20‑34 and 20-94

  • very effective baslac® 2K PUR Primerfiller System
  • medium grey, white and black
  • very good weathering resistance
  • fast drying and short flash-off times, also in wet-on-wet application

Reducers (Extra Slow to Fast) 60‑/65

  • 60-20 Reducer Normal
  • 60-10 Reducer Fast
  • 60-30 Reducer Slow
  • 60-40 Reducer Extra Slow
  • 65-10 Blending Reducer

Cleaning Solvents 70

  • baslac® Cleaning Solvents for best substrate preparation
  • 70-10 Silicone Remover for oil, silicone and grease
  • 70-20 Plastic Cleaner for ideal preparation of plastic parts

Additive Flex 80‑10

  • baslac® Plasticizing Additive
  • baslac® Plasticizer for PUR products (30- Topcoat, 40- Clears, 20-24 PUR Primer)