Everbond Contact Adhesive

EVERBOND Contact Adhesive is a premium grade rubber based contact adhesive suitable for use with a wide variety of materials for both professional and DIY use. The product may be used internally and externally for bonding decorative laminates, all types of wood, rigid PVC, ABS, leather, cork, linoleum, rubber, stone, metals and dense fabrics. All tins are fully printed.

Everbond PU Foam

Polyurethane is becoming more and more widely applied in furniture and building material industry owning to its excellent compatibility and bonding property, as well as good water resistance, curing and environment properties.

Everbond Sealants

EVERBOND Sealants are used in a wide range of industries including construction, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and industrial assembly and maintenance.


EVERBOND Spray is a premium spray paint that has excellent coverage on wood, metal and most plastic, and dries ten times faster than normal spray paint.