At GETP Group, we are confident that our biggest asset is our staff; we pride ourselves of achieving the highest retention rates in employment turnovers in the region. We truly believe that well-trained employees working in a professional environment with the highest standards of safety, technology, and innovation will strongly contribute to the Group’s success.
The Group’s strategy involves a continuous quest for new talents in various markets to fuel its ongoing growth and meet the requirements of the booming economy of Qatar. We appreciate the importance of diversity in our workforce and have succeeded over the years in creating a multi-national pool of talent.
The health and safety of GETP group workforce are a priority and stringent procedures are enforced at every level within the organization in compliance with all local regulations and legislation together with all appropriate international standards.

Opportunity to grow

In GETP Group, you can go as far and as fast as your ambition, skills, and hard work will take you. With the help of your manager and colleagues, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills in your chosen area of interest and expertise, but at the same time, you will also have the chance to explore new directions within the organisation. In doing so, you will become more motivated and self-assured to take on more challenging roles in the future.

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