Over the years, GETP as a group have successfully forged a remarkable reputation for our enterprise by establishing unrivalled quality, flexibility and reliability in all our product and service offerings. Central to this achievement has been our drive to exceed our customers’ expectations.
Today, as our business grows to shape new horizons for both our own people and the communities which we serve, we remain committed to our philosophy of providing high quality service which complies with the highest international standards and developing mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers.
As a leading trading & contracting company in Qatar with ambitious growth plans in a competitive market environment, we have embraced the task of re-branding ourselves externally and internally, in order to prepare for all our future endeavors. GETP Group will continue to strive not only to maintain but enhance its reputation by a process of continuous improvement in every area of its operations.
As an existing or potential customer, your unstinted support is highly valued as we continue to grow and participate in the development.

Dr. Faleh Nasser AL Thani