Gee Fix P8

GEE FIX P-8 Is an acceleration plasticizer or water reducing agent for concrete and mortar and is based on calcium chloride. It is a particularly useful for obtaining high early strength in pre-cast item such as blocks and lintels where no reinforcement is used etc. especially under condition of low ambient temperature. Ingredient of GEE FIXP-8 is fully soluble in the solution and no respiration can occur even at low temperature. GEE FIX P-8 is formulated from carefully selected Raw materials and is manufactured under controlled Condition to give a consistent Product:-It is based on naturally Derived materials dissolved in a Calcium chloride solution and conforms to type W OS ASTM C494 designation.

Gee Fix P8 can be used with all types of Portioned cement and those containing cements replacement materials. It is supplied ready to use. It should be added to the concrete mixes during water for aggregates. It should not be added directly to the cement. No extension of normal mixing time is necessary.