Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd., also known as NEG, is a Japanese glass manufacturer. NEG was founded over half a century ago, in 1949. In the intervening years, the company has consistently focused on developing and improving its glassmaking technology and introducing new products. NEG has always been committed to creating and refining its technology. In addition to the production facilities in Japan that constitute its core base, NEG has established plants overseas to meet global needs. The company has also been transforming its business structure in order to adapt to new market conditions. NEG will continue to draw on its extensive expertise and seek to manufacture products of the highest standards.

NEG AR Fiber – Chopped/Rovaing

Chopped Strands are produced by cutting strand bundles, which are made of 50 to 200 fine ARG fiber filaments, into various lengths. It is used as reinforcement for Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC), Calcium Silicate and Slag Gypsum products. It is also used as crack control material for normal concrete and cement mortar. Its high alkali and acid resistance can be applied to glass fiber papers and filters.