Concrete patterns by RECKLI guarantee freedom in designing concrete façades for architects and planners. The portfolio of more than 200 designs includes stone and rock patterns, brickwork, wood, plaster, oriental, abstract and anti-slip-patterns, rib and wave patterns as well as broken rib effects.
If a unique concrete pattern is meant to adorn the façade, custom made form liners by RECKLI are the perfect choice.
In our in-house carpentry workshop, a cast for the concrete design is made from the customer’s drawings and wishes which serves as the model for the formliner
Façades can be rejuvenated in special ways with RECKLI photo concrete.

Depending on the desired design, three different products can be chosen from: Photo engraved form liners transfer photos on to concrete surfaces that are animated depending on the direction of the light. 3D formliners enable a three dimensional display of motifs. RECKLI Artico foils use the technology of deactivation to ‘print’ images and graphics on to the concrete.
Deactivators or acidifying products are ideal for fabricating washed out concrete. Through washing out concrete, the cement is flushed out and the rock particles are exposed. The surface receives a unique, visual effect and is anti-slip. Both products offer different washing depths, a homogenous wash-out image, short drying times, low consumption and environmental compatibility.

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