Car Park Security


Automatic bollards successfully restrict access to car parks, controlling vehicle access in and out of an area. Bollards can be integrated with rising arm barriers to increase security levels if required. A series of bollards can raise and lower together in one sequence or you can have two separate lanes operating independently for entry and exit. Systems can be integrated into existing building management systems or controlled using a key fob, intercom, proximity card, timing clock and other access control options.


Rising Bollards for the Highway


When considering the subject of traffic management, designers and planners should consider the traffic flow through a given area; if traffic restrictions and exclusion zones are being considered then ATG Access can design the best system solutions to help enforce these decisions using traffic management measures. This may involve the exclusion of vehicles altogether to create pedestrian zones or creating priority lanes for public transport.


Driveway Access Control


Bollards can be utilised to protect your driveway from vehicle theft. Automatic bollards are preferable to telescopic bollards when you are accessing the secured area multiple times each day or when multiple vehicles are accessing the area. Bollards are operated using a simple key fob to raise and lower. To increase the products visibility in remote locations, some models are available with a LED lighting ring


Automatic Rising Arm Barriers

Functional and reliable rising arm barriers to control vehicle access in and out of an area. Able to operate to high duty cycles on an hourly basis and be integrated with existing access control measures.

Manually Operable Rising Arm Barriers

Functional and reliable Rising Arm Barriers controlled manually to restrict vehicle access within remote areas or sites with minimal traffic movements each day.