With Gatekeeper’s patent pending DriverCam, security officers can see inside vehicles as they approach entry gates and know who is inside with accuracy and speed. The high-resolution machine vision camera is optimized for both day and night operation,  the camera is paired with a powerful targeted array of LED lights that illuminate the driver and other occupants even through tinted glass, sun glare and at night. Using advanced image processing, the driver and passengers are highlighted while windshield glare from sunlight or overhead area lighting is removed through Gatekeeper’s advanced computer vision algorithms.

Why Choose Gatekeeper Security’s DriverCam?

  • See Inside Even Tinted Glass– In Any Condition – By combining a high-resolution camera that’s optimized for day and night operation with powerful LED arrays that are synchronized with the frame rate and light frequency of the camera, the system lights up the inside of the vehicle, even through highly-tinted windows, ballistic glass, and heavy glare.
  • Advanced Image Processing– Images are processed to reduced glare from sunlight or overhead lighting and highlight the people inside of the vehicle, for more accurate imaging.
  • Flexible Installation Options–The physical system itself has a variety of camera and lighting configurations to ensure the highest quality results in all conditions. The IP67 rated enclosure performs in extreme environmental conditions.
  • System Integration– The DriverCam system can be installed as standalone or integrated with the Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection system or Gatekeeper’s license plate reader. Vehicle occupant images are integrated with AUVIS undercarriage scanning results and presented together on the AUVIS operator terminal screen or an optional standalone operator terminal. Standard TCP-IP interface allows easy integration with other technologies or PSIMs. Images are saved to a shared folder or sent to an outside storage device or upstream PSIM systems.
  • Facial Recognition– The images captured by the DriverCam is of such high resolution that facial recognition software can identify occupants of a vehicle even though the human eye cannot see them hidden behind heavy tinted glass, sun glare or in darkness. The databases running the DriverCam can be accessed to quickly confirm drivers of vehicles are actually those authorized to drive that specific vehicle.


Gatekeeper’s DriverCam system has use in a range of applications, including:

  • Vehicle Access Control – Entry and Egress Lanes
  • Vehicle Movement Monitoring Inside Large Facilities
  • Border Crossings
  • Secure Parking Facilities