EVERBOND Contact Adhesive is a premium grade rubber based contact adhesive suitable for use with a wide variety of materials for both professional and DIY use. The product may be used internally and externally for bonding decorative laminates, all types of wood, rigid PVC, ABS, leather, cork, linoleum, rubber, stone, metals and dense fabrics. All tins are fully printed. Packing Unit : 600 ml, 2.5 kg


Fvicol CA 777 is synthetic rubber based contact adhesive to bond laminates, wood, poly wood, rubber, rexine, leather, foam, fiber, mtal, glass, ceramic, canvas etc.  Packing Unit : 602 ml , 2.66 ltr


– Cyanoacrylates based Universal Adhesive – Use at home and industry to instantly bond most plastic, metl, subber, ceramic, glass, leather, wood etc.

Packing Unit : Blister 3g x 12

300 CL

– For use in furniture industry
– Heat & water resistant
– For industry use only

Packing Unit : 50 kg


Fevicol 1 K PUR is single component moisturecuring polyurethane adhesive. It has high resistance D4 AS PER din en 204 and high temperature resistance as per WATT 91.

Packing Unit : 500 g, 20 kg

SH Synthetic Resin Adhhesive

Fevicol SH is Poly Vinyl Acetate (PV AC) based special grade wood glue with proven and time tested international quality. It is ready to use glue in the form of milky white paste. Packing Unit : 5 kg, 25 kg


Fevicol Supreme is a premium quality, high heat resistant synthetic rubber based cotact adhesive. It is very fast drying and it is benzene free. -To bond decorative laminates, veneers and metal to wood and polywood. Rubber, rexine, leather, foam, fiber, metal, glass, ceramic, canvas and many more applications
Packing Unit : 50 kg


Expert in Laminate Pasting, Fevicol HeatX is the future of all lamination jobs. It is a new age adhesive which is incomparable to any other adhesive in the market. The best contact adhesive resist temperature up to 170 degree

Packing Unit : 650 ml


Fevicol Marble Glue is a 2 component adhesive specially designed to bond marble, granite to each other and to cement concrete walls. It is also suitable to repair and manufacture of marble and granite artifacts.
Packing Unit : 1 kg


Fevicol wood grip is a high viscosity adhesive with an advantage of better grab, because of its unique “wood grip with a tight grip”feature grip remain till the end.

Packing Unit : 25kg

ECO 4.1

Fevicol ECO 4.1 Veneer Adhesive is ready
to use product characterized by high yield
value and built on innovative MRI technique,
recomended to use for veneer pasting by
hot press.
Packing Unit : 30 Kg


-For hanging all types of pre-pasted wallpape and borders over painted or primed surfaces
-Activates paste on pre-pasted paper
-Provides more time to work with wallpaper
-Neat to apply, eliminates messy water wetting

Packing Unit : 5 kg, 20 kg: 5 kg, 25 kg

Fevicol Flourfix

Express: a multipurpose acrylic adhesive for floor covering. Use: for bonding of most PVC flooring including cushion types and tiles as well as carpets.
Packing Unit : 15 kg


– Synthetic resin adhesive
– Ingredients pre-registered under reach
– For use in Furniture industries
Packing Unit : 50 kg

CW Kit No.1

– Fast
– Clean
– Versatile
– Simple to Use

Packing Unit : 310 ml


Bulbond WK is Poly Vinyl Acetate (PV Ac) based wood glue for bonding wood, veneer, wooden particle board, formica, thermocol, etc. Its special formulation combines high strength and international quality at an affordable price.

Packing Unit : 4.5 kg, 50 kg

HOTMELT 380/388

EVA based 100% solid adhesives.
• Free flowing granular solids.
• Working temperature range 140 – 1600 C.
• Softening temperature: 850 C.
Packing Unit : 25 kg kg


JOLLY – MASTIC FOR MARBLE is formulated with combined synthetic resins. It is mainly used for gluing and filling all types of marbles and natural stones. It has strong adhesive properties, becomes hard and perfectly polishable after drying time. The three versions available TIXO, SEMISOLID and LIQUID which facilitate application.
Packing Unit : 750 ml, 25 kg


Fevicol Wall FIx is wallpaper adhesive in mixture from which is to be mixed with water for making a paste.
-Suitable for light,
meduim as well as heavy grade wallpaper
-It has anti-fungal characteristics
-It has optimum setting time for easy
Packing Unit : 30 Kg


EVERBOND Gold is a PU adhesive sealant which bonds to a wide range of materials, it is non-shrinking and permanently flexible.
Packing Unit : 330 ml


Use at home and industry to instantly bond most plastic, metal, rubber, ceramic, glass, leather, wood etc.
Packing Unit : Blister 3g x 12