Ilpa® provides professional-quality car detailing products and buffing compounds to professional body shops or workshops as well as car and boat enthusiasts. Ilpa is specialized in the production of professional products for repairing and maintenance of car bodies, for treating of marble and stone materials and surfaces and for the maintenance of fiberglass and wood structures such as boats and watercrafts. Ilpa Adesivi products are perfect for both professional applications and for do-it-yourself and since many years we have been providing quality and technological innovations.


Max UnderBody Coat

Max Underbody is a soundproofing protective covering based on synthetic resins, high-solid, it provides an excellent protection against the abrasion from stone chipping and it includes a greater anticorrosive function. Ideal for car bodies, side bands, interiors, spoilers and boot. It can be re-painted without the absorbing of the varnish. It presents a fast drying time and it has the perfect adhesion. It also protects against moisture and it’s resistant to thermal shock.

Nobikar Fiber Putty

NOBIKAR STANDARD is two component putty for metal surfaces which is easy to apply and to sand, and dries rapidly. These characteristics quicken the working time. After its hardening, results are successful: it is highly adherent and elastic.
NOBIKAR STANDARD can be applied on nude sheets, new sheets and zinc sheets; it is mustard color and can be painted over directly using any type of one or two-pack product.

Max Underbody Coat Gun

Professional gun for soundproofing treatments in nickel aluminum; diam. nozzle 5 mm, adjustable nozzle for spraying produced in various grains (skins).


The Extralux self-polishing varnish is formulated with resins and much selected waxes; the mixture ensures flawless polishing on marble and granite. The formula has been developed to provide the treated surface with a lasting polish, even after exposure to atmospheric conditions. Lab tests have shown that marble treated with Extra Lux and then exposed to UV-A light for 40 days doesn’t undergo any alteration. Extra Lux has a wide range of application, in all cases where traditional polishing may be difficult: corners, borders, edges, columns, etc., and on elements already installed. It is suitable to obtain “wet look”, even on unpolished display materials: blocks, slabs, tiles, etc. Apply with a buffer, cloth or paint brush, on completely dry and preferably rubbed up material: Spread the varnish evenly and without scrubbing. According to desired effect, a second application may be done, approx. 15 min. after the first coat. Total drying depends on temperature, and requires approx. 30 minutes.

Jolly Marble Glue

JOLLY – MASTIC FOR MARBLE is formulated with combined synthetic resins. It is mainly used for gluing and filling all types of marbles and natural stones. It has strong adhesive properties, becomes hard and perfectly polishable after drying time.
The three versions available TIXO, SEMISOLID and LIQUID which facilitate application (see also the brand new semisolid soft) and fast drying properties (the high-speed version is available for the liquid density) quicken production lines.
The liquid and semisolid versions are perfect for normal applications whereas the tixo density is suitable for vertical applications.

SH – 100

This crystallizer for marble gives a mirror gloss on floors in marble, terrazzo and similar stones. SH 100 has a “glass” effect, therefore it removes the stone’s unstable molecules and restores them with the compounds of its special formula, its wax produces a durable final polish. Our SH 100 is highly appreciated for its excellent reaction time and absence of opacity and yellowing, even a long time after application. SH100 is ready for use as supplied. Carefully clean the surface to be treated and evenly distribute SH 100, using a spray tool. Then use a single-brush (approx. 40 kg), from 1.7hp to 170 rev. p. min.; using fine steel wool discs; it is recommended to treat small surfaces at a time, max 4 m2 each time.


Solid wax, polishing and protective, based on concentrated active substances. Easy to apply, increases the “wet look”. Suitable for industrial use, ideal for manufactured products which require a better finish. Lay a small quantity of product evenly on the surface to be treated, using a clean cloth. Polish by vigorously rubbing with a woollen cloth. Better results can be achieved by using a machine provided with felt.