Langlow is the premium brand from Palace Chemicals, Liverpool having a wide range of products under Decorative Sundries, Paint Removers and Building Chemicals & Adhesives.
All high quality Langlow product range is supported not only by state of the art manufacturing systems offering the essential high volume capacity and diversity demanded, but also experienced sales contacts, supported by computerized warehouse systems, always stocked to enable rapid order turnaround utilizing only best in class logistics providers. Our aim is to ensure customer expectations for Quality, Service and Value are always at the forefront of all our operating processes from receipt of order through to delivery.
This has built our reputation as being a reliable & valued trading partner to some of the biggest names in the Tiling, Builders Merchants & DIY Sectors, whilst also retaining the values and experiences of our formative years to service & support the end users with the level of technical back up which has become essential to the modern building trades professional.


Langlow All Purpose Filler

A multi-purpose plaster based repair compound ideally suited where a quick drying, easy to smooth repair is needed for all interior surface defects onto plaster, brick, wood and most other common building materials. Readily mixed by spatula to a smooth non-slump paste, which bonds instantly to most porous building materials and sets within 2 hours to a shrink and crack resistant finish.

Langlow Bitumen Paint

A white Spirit based, deep penetrating bituminous solution, which dries to form a black sheen finish coating, suitable for application to a wide variety of substrates including galvanized metal; steel; cement fiberboard; concrete; stone, timber panels, fence posts and brickwork, providing a weatherproof and water proof protective coating protecting against the conditions which allow for corrosion & weather damage


A traditional fast acting Methylene Chloride based paint stripper which rapidly breaks down and blisters multiple layers of paint in a single application. It is uniquely effective in removing specialized industrial paints such as two-pack epoxy coatings, cellulose lacquers, traffic paints and powder coatings which are not as easy to remove using less volatile water-based paint stripping products. This product is intended for sale to non-EU Export customers only and is recommended for use by suitably trained and equipped professional and industrial coatings removal specialists within an environment which controls and extracts the buildup of fume and vapor. Conforms to: BS 3716

Langlow TEAK OIL

LANGLOW TEAK OIL is a water repellent wood treatment suitable for use on all types of soft and hardwood timber structures and garden furniture timbers such as doors, frames, hardwood patio chairs, tables, window boxes and trellis work, improving appearance, refreshing the natural color, whilst also protecting against the seasonal effects of weathering and prolonged outdoor exposure.


A general purpose solvent especially suited for cleaning and removing heavy oil deposits and grease stains from most surfaces and mechanical equipment. Can be used to clean oil-based coatings from brushes, rollers and tools.

Langlow Wax Polish

A rich blend of hydrocarbon & natural waxes formed in an easy to apply gel for application onto timber surfaces where a high degree of protection, enhancement and water repellency are required which at the same time allows the floor to be “buffed up” to give a rich high sheen protective finish.

Langlow woodworm killer

LANGLOW WOODWORM KILLER is an HSE approved, ready to use clear spirit based solution of the insecticide Permethrin. The carrier solvent enables this active to achieve deep penetration into timber, allowing it to remain stable, effective and give long-term pesticidal protection against wood boring insects. Available in 1 litre, 5 litre, 25 litre & 200 litre steel containers.