Since its inception in 1959, Pidilite Industries Limited has been a pioneer in consumer and specialties chemicals in India. The company has its glorified presence in the global market especially in the MEA region.
Pidilite product range includes Adhesives and Sealants, Construction and Paint Chemicals, Automotive Chemicals, Art Materials, Industrial Adhesives, Organic Pigments and Preparations. The products have been developed through strong in-house R&D to reach the utmost level of quality.


Bulbond WK

Bulbond WK is Polyvinyl Acetate (PV Ac) based wood glue for bonding wood, veneer, wooden, particle board, particle board, formica, thermocol, etc. Its special formulation combines high strength and international quality at an affordable price.

Pidilite Wudfin Wood Stain

These products give natural as well as uniform finish to wood, veneer and any other surface, these are applied on. Furthermore, with an aim to get in-tune with the clients’ various demands, we provide these products in fast moving shades.

Dr. Fixit Crack X Crack Filler

100% shrink-free crack filler for cracks up to 10 mm
One-time ready to use, crack filler for all plastered surfaces for internal & external cracks up to 10 mm width & depth that prevents water leakage through cracks. It does not shrink after curing, dries fast & bonds strongly to cementitious substrates

M-Seal Gasket Maker

The M-Seal gasket makers from Pidilite are used to form gaskets of desired shape, seal windshields in automobiles and seal edges of fish tanks. It cures to form a flexible, rubbery bead, applications and is a transparent color.

Fevicol Contact Adhesive

Fevicol Contact Adhesives from Pidilite is synthetic rubber Based Contact adhesive to bond laminates, wood, poly wood, rubber, rexine, leather, foam, fiber, metal, glass, ceramic, canvas etc.

M-Seal General Purpose Epoxy Compound

M-SEAL GP epoxy compound is a two component room temperature setting, easy to use multi-purpose putty. M-SEAL GP epoxy compound is useful in sealing, gripping, joining & insulating variety of surfaces like ferrous and non-ferrous metals, porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, ivory, asbestos, glass, wood, leather, certain plastics etc. M-SEAL GP epoxy compound on curing exhibits tough & long lasting bond and sets into a hard mass that can be drilled, filed, tapped, machined, cut and then painted. It has very good electrical insulating properties and the cured product is resistant to moisture, heat, mild acids & alkali.

M-Seal PVC Solvent Cement

M-SEAL PVC SOLVENT CEMENT (Heavy Bodied) is a specially formulated solvent cement for joining close fitting unthreaded Rigid PVC pipes. It gives a strong seal preventing leakage from the joints. The bond withstands extreme temperature conditions viz. -30°C to +90°C.

Pidilite Steelgrip Tape

Pidilite Steelgrip Tape is a self-extinguishing tape that disallows fire from spreading and provides a durable, waterproof and weatherproof insulation.

Fevicol Superglue

Cyanoacrylates based universal adhesive useful at home and industry to instantly bond most plastic, metal, rubber, ceramic, glass, leather, wood, etc.

Fevicol Wallpaper Adhesive

• For hanging all types of pre-pasted wallpaper and borders over painted or primed surfaces
• Activates paste on pre-pasted paper
• Provides more time to work with wallpaper
• Neat to apply, eliminates messy water wetting

Fevicol UF Wood Grip

Fevicol UF Wood Grip is a high viscosity adhesive with an advantage of better grab, because of its unique “wood grip with a tight grip” feature grip remains till the end.