A privately owned multi-discipline organization



GETP Group is a privately owned multi-discipline organization comprised of a group of companies since its inception in 2000. GETP Group has grown from strength to strength to achieve the status of market leader across many industries and sectors that it operates in.

The Group has excelled under the visionary leadership of its founder, Dr. Sheikh Faleh Nasser AL Thani, and expanded to become one of the most diversified group of companies in Qatar.


At GETP Group we are very keen to adapt the latest methodologies and technologies to stay renewed and always to be able to deliver the best to our clients. This is how we stand tall and  unchallenged even in the COVID19 disaster and other difficult situations arised time to time. 

GETP Group has a variety of companies serving many industries including the Oil & Gas, Construction, Aerospace, Automotive, Hospitality, Facilities Management, Architectural, Chemical, and Fiberglass Industry. We are confident that with the support of our esteeemed partners and customers and with the expertise of our dedicated team we will be able to scale up ourselves and succeed in all our future endeavours. GETP as a team ensure that being 100% Qatari owned company we will spread the fame and glory of The State of Qatar to the rest of the world.

Dr. Faleh Nasser AL-Thani


It is GETP Group’s mission to ensure that our customers are afforded the best value for their investment by providing them with the finest products in the market and the most outstanding services possible. Furthermore, we endeavour to continuously create opportunities for the sustainable growth and enrichment of our enterprise, our people, and the communities in which we operate by perpetually exercising proficient and responsible corporate leadership.


We envision GETP Group to be the best goods and services enterprise in the State of Qatar, setting the bar in quality, value, and customer service. We have always believed that our products and services have the power to improve people’s quality of life; thus, it is in our interest to put into action decisions and programmes that not only foster productivity and maximise returns but also help us improve our business in order to create a better future for our customers, our employees, our partners, and all other stakeholders.

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