Architectural Unique Arts

As one of the QATAR's leading suppliers of the finest Architectural Unique Handmade, we specialize in producing & providing services related to Unique architectural projects. Using time-honored manufacturing methods, our skilled Artists expertly produce clients special products, making our products perfect option for them. Our Vision is providing several unique Arts related to architecture in the State of Qatar. We are focusing on projects that are looking to have particular or unique Architectural Products to use. GETP Architectural Unique Arts team have been carrying out projects for more than 50 years and more than 250 well known construction and interior design companies in the region. Our team which are a combination of the best Iranian artists and engineers, with years of experience in the region has strong presence in the Unique Architectural Projects with more than850,000sqm executed jobs.

Our Specialized Products:

- Handmade Tiles

- Mirror Arts

- Handmade Bricks

Our Specialized Services:

- Architectural Designs

- Renovation Designs

- Interior & exterior Designs

- Landscape Design