Partial Discharge Test (Online/Offline) on Kahramaa HV Substations

Partial discharges (PD) are evidence of a degrading insulation system, which could lead to very costly repairs and can predictively lead to an electrical breakdown of high voltage apparatus. The phenomenon is of great practical interest in the electric power industry, as the presence and magnitude of PD are important criteria to measure for the early detection of degrading insulation quality and the assessment of manufactured, installed, or repaired product quality. One of the most difficult tasks is interpreting the PD data and determining the time an insulation system may remain in service before damaging and costly failure can occur. GETP is providing the above services with the equipment’s EA Ultra TEV Plus 2 , IPEC PD-SG1,NDB XDB11-. We are specialized in executing Partial Discharge Test for all type of equipment’s and providing fully professional and high-end quality services