Bank Trust Network/Artefact Exchange Network

Based on cutting edge Blockchain technology, is a next-gen solution to an age-old problem of document exchange, verification and compliance within banks or financial institutions, its customers, and beneficiaries.

Whether it’s a pyramid of trust between customer, issuing bank and beneficiary bank or quadrant of trust between customer, beneficiary and their respective banks, artefact exchange is designed with fool proof features to seamlessly onboard participants (customer, banks, central authorities, verifiers, beneficiaries). The system can define more than 150+ types of documents such as bank guarantee, NOCs, DD, etc., in the system encapsulating document wise workflows.

The system has been designed to support multiple Blockchain technologies from backend and can integrate any ERP or legacy system with its technology agnostic orchestration middleware from the frontend.

Artefact exchange with its advanced features can efficiently and quickly upgrade a banking consortium with instant document exchange and verification capabilities, paperless strategies on document exchange, significant cost reduction on operational bottlenecks and ability to add value towards AML and KYC processes over the network for a 360° digital transformation of a banking community.