Blockchain Enabled e-Cheque Solution

The e-Cheque Blockchain Platform enables bank and its participants to securely address the issues related to counterfeiting of Cheques, handling Cheque forgery and fraudulent alteration, commonly seen on frequent basis on the banking industry, especially in retail banking transactions. The platform allows handling of Cheque in all three possible scenarios in which banking industry operates Cheques.

1) Physical Issued cheques using a blockchain enabled smart Encrypted QR Code.

2) Digital issued cheques signed national digital identity systems.

3) Physical Cheques which are paper based with Encrypted QR Code but can be protected from frauds fraudulent alteration down the cycle from drawing to presentment.  

The blockchain platform covers the complete lifecycle from Cheque book issuance by Banks to check drawn and presented to presenting bank along with possible future real time reconciliation and settlements. Platform also provides options and value-adds of open verification using zero knowledge proof, bulk operations of Cheque processing, Cheque clearance and key management for efficient security of the network.