HIPPS system is a specific application of SIS (Safety Instrumented System) and is used in the Oil & Gas industry in order to provide protection for downstream equipment against overpressure or unsafe conditions coming from upstream. For an HIPPS system is extremely important that the design is done according standards by a qualified and certified team that is not only expert in the system itself and his technology but has also a deep multidisciplinary knowledge of the Oil & Gas plant and experience in fi eld installation, commissioning and startup. GETP is the perfect Partner for the supply of these critical Safety Systems, witnessed by all major Oil & Companies that relied with confidence to our Experienced TUV FS Eng. Team for the supply of HIPPS systems in their assets.

Our advantages against competitors is the complete design and construction of the entire HIPPS package according IEC 61508/61511 with the SIL level required (up to SIL4) by perfectly integrate each equipment part of the HIPPS system:

• Initiators: Safety SIL rated Pressure Transmitters

• Logic Solver: Safety SIL rated Controller

• Final Elements: Safety SIL rated Valves

• Piping and Skid structure

• Network and Power supplies

• Partial Stroke test facility

• All relevant detailed safety calculation and certification.