Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) Services

GETP is an exclusive agent for all the LPG and SNG products with many renowned European brands to cater customer requirement by providing different feasible solutions, governed by WOQOD regulations and NFPA 54 58 & standards. GETP is affiliated & approved by WOQOD as LPG Specialist contractor & LPG Supplier offering a wide range of services in any capacity are:

• Design, Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of Central LPG /SNG systems

• Design, Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of LPG Cylinder banking systems

• Design consultancy and Project Management.

• Billing and Monitoring systems

• LPG Tanks of capacities ranging from 1000 L to 50,000 L in compliance with WOQOD technical qualification and standards

• LPG Detection system

• Vaporizer System

• Deluge, Sprinkler, and related safety systems

• Pressure Reducing and Distribution Stations

• Domestic detectors and automatic cut-off valves

• LPG Systems Preventive Maintenance as per WOQOD & NFPA 54,58 standards

• Emergency (24x7) assistance for Operations and Maintenance