Live Saving Capsules sales & services

Survival Systems International proudly holds the best safety record in the industry based on +50 years manufacture, supply and service of OEM Single Fall Escape capsules. It is this safety record and underpinning methods that influence both mindset and actions when approaching offshore and onshore activity as an Approved Service Provider.

Survival Systems International utilizes a competency assessment program in accordance with the IMO MSC.1/circ.1277 for all service personnel working under the companies Approved Service Provider designation. This program forms part of the companies ISO9001 certification and is specifically audited by multiple marine administrations, classifications societies and recognized organizations to ensure compliance with IMO requirements.

Repair and Refurbishment:

SSI is able to offer full repair and refurbishment of your lifeboats. Smaller repairs can be performed on your vessel.For larger repairs, SSI’s service bases around the world offer full onshore lifeboat refurbishment facilities.