Offshore Geotechnical Services

GETP performs detailed offshore geotechnical investigations to support the design, engineering, and installation of the following offshore structures:

Foundations for piled jackets, gravity-based structures and FPSO

Jack-up rigs

Jackets and platforms


Pipeline and cable routes

Suction and drag anchors

Offshore geotechnical investigations are conducted with a wire line system including downhole Wison-APB cone penetration testing (PCPT) and in-situ vane testing equipment.

Mud mix and transfer systems control borehole stability while fully equipped offshore soil testing laboratories provide in-field analysis. Our offshore geotechnical spreads are equipped for:

• Undisturbed and disturbed soil sampling

• Rock coring

• Downhole PCPT testing

• Seismic CPTs

• Downhole vane testing

• P-S logging

• In-field soil laboratory testing

• 200kN seabed CPT system

• 40kN Roson seabed CPT system

GETP offshore geotechnical capabilities are supported by our onshore team of experienced geologists and geotechnical engineers who utilize the data gathered offshore and in the laboratory for detailed interpretation of the foundation design and engineering analysis. We review the information gathered from offshore geotechnical investigations with desktop studies and geophysical data to supply an integrated report to the client.