Enterprise Resource Planning


  • Point of Sale, assisted sales, centralized store management
  • E-commerce and social media
  • Omni-channel management Order management
  • Processing and payment Merchandizing and catalog management


  • Lean, process & Manufacturing
  • Product configuration
  • Shop floor management

Sales & Marketing

  • Sales force and marketing automation
  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Sales and case management
  • Service management
  • Rebates, Royalties, and trade allowance management Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector

Procurement & Sourcing

  • Direct and indirect procurement
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Supplier relationship management
  • eProcurement and vendor self service portal

Supply Chain Management

  • Inventory management and demand forecasting
  • Multisite advanced warehouse management
  • Order promising
  • Distribution planning
  • Transportation management

Project Accounting

  • Project accounting and invoicing
  • Grants management
  • Project cost control
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Interoperability with Microsoft Project

Financial Management

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts receivables & payables
  • Commitment Accounting
  • Cash and bank management

Business intelligence

  • Standard and analytical reports with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • RoleTailored, pre-defined data cubes
  • Dashboard views with KPIs
  • Self-service reporting