IOT - Internet of Things

The key to new ecosystems of knowledge

The key to new ecosystems of knowledge

IoTs for an intelligent world

From industrial automation to territory and infrastructure monitoring, to the management of fragile subjects, the Internet of Things transforms real-world information into data, opening endless opportunities to create new digital ecosystems.

IoT to (IIoT) - solutions for Industry 4.0

We propose and develop an ecosystem that incorporates, harmonizes, and facilitates access to core technologies, and integrate technologies with all vertical skills on core processes for each market sector. To provide solutions and professional services to support all projects, related to technological and process skills, as well as to the adoption of new technologies, business consulting and support tools for change management using Design Thinking and collaborative innovation.

Our Value Proposition

We address the Digital Transformation journey leveraging on the skills and experience in IoT, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI & Advanced Analytics and Cloud. Combined with technological expertise with business knowledge to exploit the full potential of IoT and provide tailor-made solutions for our clients, we adopt analysis and design models based on an integrated view of systems and processes as well as vertical business knowledge.