Smart Energy & Utilities

Transformation business models and processes along the entire value chain

Building new Digital Ecosystems, composing solutions, from existing technologies and assets and from emerging ones, and designing them around core business needs, as quickly as possible.

Smart Energy, Smart Grid, Smart Street Lighting Systems 

Continuous growth in the economy and population over few decades has doubled global energy consumption and soon, renewable sources will take on an increasingly important role to cover needs.

The players of the E&U sector are aiming to diversify and innovate their businesses, converging towards energy needs, which will be no longer divided into distinct areas such as gas, electricity, oil, etc.

Industry evolutions and global drivers

Digital Transformation, which redesigns traditional processes and business models through "enabling" digital technologies

Technology-based Trust, which will allow Customers to operate on safe IT ecosystems that do not involve a central authority, thus reducing possible frictions between ecosystem participants

Renewable energy and energy efficiency, the energy of the future will be stored locally. In this process, the final consumer will adopt a new identity, as both energy "producer" and "re-seller"

Power to the Digital Player, as we live a "democratization" of technology, where digital players open tools and information, previously available for a few actors, for other stakeholders.