Building Material Segment

Adhesives: Variety of adhesives for miscellaneous uses on wood, rigid PVC, leather, rubber, stone, metals, marble, and dense fabrics with excellent qualities and available in different packing units for different industries applications.

Adhesive Tapes: Everbond, Fast and AFTC with variety of colours, uses and sizes, such as masking tape, duct tape, clear tape, brown tape, aluminium foil tape, warning tape, electrical insulation taps, PVC pipe tape, and automotive tapes. Also, we offer high performance double coated tape from Orafol.

Sealants & PU Foam: We offer variety of Sealants & PU Foam with excellent properties for sealing, insulating, and filling of joints, cracks and holes, sealing windows and door frames, filling gaps around pipes and between wood and sealing cracks.

GETP is the exclusive distributer of RECKLI products in Qatar. RECKLI is the world leader in the design and manufacture of elastomeric polyurethane form liners and moulds for patterned concrete. RECKLI stand for creative freedom in concrete design. For 45 years, RECKLI have been synonymous for architectural concrete that meets the highest demands in terms of design and individuality. For more details visit

We work with all major Construction and Infrastructure projects in Qatar, and we are most pleased to support design your project.