Building Material Segment


-Contact adhesives:  For miscellaneous uses on wood, rigid PVC, leather, rubber, wallpaper, and carpet glue, with excellent qualities and available in different packing units for different industrial applications.

-Tile Adhesives & Grouts:  Different kind of adhesive for indoor and outdoor applications. Grout will be available in different colours.

Adhesive Tapes

Everbond, Fast, Xtra shield, and AFTC with variety of tapes with multiple application and sizes. 

Masking tape, duct tape, clear tape, brown tape, aluminium foil tape, warning tape, electrical insulation taps, PVC pipe rape tape, and automotive tapes. 

High-performance double-Sided tape from Orafol & AFTC, Tape Primers for better application 

Sealants & PU Foam

We offer variety of Sealants: & PU Foam with Multiple applications such as filling of joints, cracks, and holes, sealing windows and door frames.

Spray Paint

Different kind of spray paints for different usage with multiple colours. 

-Normal spray paints 

-High temperature spray paint 600 degrees

Manhole Covers

Different sizes of manhole cover, gulley gratings, catchbasine

Micro Silica & Silica Sand

Residential Smart Water Heaters

Safety Shoes 


Authorised Sole Distribution Partnerships in Qatar