Industrial Supplies

GETP has been a trusted partner for supply of Electrical, Mechanical & Instrumentation products to Oil & Gas, Marine, Water & Electricity and Chemical industries in Qatar. Our products are known for high quality & comply with international specifications. 

Marine Products: IRM, India

-Marine Fenders                                           

-Floating Fenders

-Dock and Harbor accessories

-Offshore Products

-Boat Fenders

-Offshore Wind Energy Foundation Products


-Wooden Fender

Pressure & Temperature Instruments: - Nuovafima , Italy

-Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge

-Special Pressure Gauges


-Pressure Switches

-Diaphragm Seals

-Thermometers – Bimetallic & Inert Gas Filled


-Electronic Transmitters – Pressure & Level.

NDT Equipment & Supplies

-MPI & PT chemicals – Chemetall brand

-Magnetic yokes

-UV lights

-Calibration blocks

-Radiography films- Fujifilm brand

-Computed radiography system

-IP plates- Fujifilm

Western Carbon

Western Carbon & Chemicals (W.C.C) is a leading and globally acclaimed manufacturer and supplier of coconut shell, coal and wood-based activated carbon products, minerals and adsorbents. 

Adsorbents and Mineral Solutions

-Activated carbon.

-Extruded Activated carbon.

-Anthracite Coal

-Ion Exchange Resins


-Manganese dioxide

-Activated Alumina balls.

-Ceramic balls

-Molecular sieves

-Silica Sand

-Rock salt


-Chemicals for water treatment

-Surface treatment chemicals- Chemetall

Sabin Metal 

Sabin refines precious metals from the products and byproducts of pharmaceutical, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, electronics, fuel cell and numerous other industries. With best-in-class techniques and over seven decades of experience, we deliver the highest possible returns for our customers.


Authorised Partnerships in Qatar