Composite Raw Materials

GETP plays a major role in supplying GRP, GRC & GRG Raw material to the Qatar market for more than 20 years. We represent major names in this Industry and our focus is to work with all end users closely as to support them with the Industry expertise know how.

Our Range of products fall as below:

- Standard Resins - Unsaturated Polyester resins & Vinylester resins

- Gelcoats-Industrial, Marine, Fire Retardant & Pigmented

- Tooling resins for special moulds

- Special Adhesive for composite bonding

- AR Fibre & E Glass Fibre

- Polyurethane Elastomer – RECKLI Rubber

- Silicone Rubber

- Exposed Aggregates-Retarder

- Resin and Gelcoat Spray machine

- Special GRP/FRP tools & brushes