Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

We provide solutions to Environmental protection for all kinds of organizations. Ranging from oil spill response to environmental risk management, we are here to support you in protecting the environment. Based on your need, we provide you with the solution that fits best your operating environment - including technology and services, and up to operating your oil spill response capability as a service.

At GETP, we strive to be the preferred partner in the journey toward a cleaner tomorrow.

This means we focus on understanding our customers’ needs and creating winning solutions to meet them.

In order to protect the environment from pollution and incidents such as oil or chemical spills, we first help you understand your current capabilities and define your future needs. 

Based on the needs and the context of your operating environment, we suggest you with the right technical capacity and competencies needed to reach your goals.

Rapid Response Solution

With the acquisition of Harbo Technologies, GETP is able to provide an even more robust rapid response solution when a spill occurs. The first few minutes of a spill are critical, but with the new Harbo Boom, you are able to minimize damage right from the start. 

Harbo Rapid Response Boom

We transform oil spill response with the fastest oil containment boom on the market. The Harbo Boom oil spill response system tackles the main problem when spills occur. Oil spills become major disasters when there’s nothing on-site to stop oil from spreading. Don’t wait for oil spill responders to arrive, improve oil spill response with our rapid containment technology.

The Harbo Boom is an oil spill first response system developed to immediately stop the spread of oil. It is a lightweight boom that can be deployed by anyone in just 15 minutes as it requires no special equipment.

Boom Technical Specifications

Boom Weight 920 gr/m (9.9 oz/ft)

Total Height 32 cm. (12.5")

Freeboard 12 cm. (4.5")

Draft/Skirt 20 cm. (8")

Handles               Every 5m (16')

Connector Harbo Boom ClickFast Aluminum

Cartridge Specifications

Length of Boom in Cartridge        15 m (50')

Packaging                                      Sturdy plastic shell. Collapsible

Weight of Cartridge                      19.6 kg (43 lbs.)

Dimensions of Cartridge               60 x 40 x 70 cm (2' x 1'4" x 2'3")


Whatever the scenario or environment, GETP provides the right oil spill solution for the most efficient oil spill response. GETP solutions include a complete range of skimmers, oil booms, pumps, power packs, landing crafts, workboats, storage, and ancillary equipment. GETP ability to provide highly reactive and timely OSR solutions are supported by our global stockpiles of strategically-located equipment and the growing network of response centers.


For companies requiring Tier 1 oil spill response services GETP offers bespoke, tailor made equipment packages fit for your operating location. The equipment is generally immediately available from our global stockpiles.

Associated equipment training/familiarisation, including deployment exercises and ongoing equipment maintenance.


GETP can establish in any part of the world various models (dedicated, or as a cooperative model) for standby OSR catering to the needs of Tier 1 and/or Tier2 in country requirements, ensuring compliance with local and internationally recognized standards. This can be in support of short term ventures or long term needs. GETP provides a cost-effective response capability for onshore, nearshore and offshore incidents, ensuring that customers can effectively respond to all spills or emergency situations. Where GETP has an existing/established Tier 2 capability we can offer you the ability to join this capability.


Since 2012 GETP has provided specialized services and consulting for emergency oil spill response clean-up operations, the remediation of contaminated lands and of oiled waste, and the prevention of future incidents all over the world including on-land sites, rivers, shorelines, ports, terminals and off-shore locations.

GETP has the ability to respond to any scale incident; Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 and/or HAZMAT event, with equipment, personnel, dispersant, vessels, aircraft and logistics capability. We are able to man-up command posts, provide back office support and emergency waste handling at a moments notice.

GETP has the unique ability of being able to respond from its main hubs as well as its numerous regional/local centres.


GETP Corporation Plc offers and provides a comprehensive range of training and supporting services to our clients, based on many years of experience in the successful provision of response operations and consultancy services, at all levels.

Courses range from basic familiarization with spill response techniques, optimal use of equipment and resources, risk management at all levels, to management of major risks and response operations. Drawing on the broad experience, knowledge and practical background of our experienced technicians and experts, GETP is able to ensure training is tailored to our clients’ needs and designed according to their business needs, locally, regionally, or globally. With business units in strategic locations across the globe, we are able to offer these courses in several languages.

All training is accredited by the appropriate authority, or agency, and is updated on a regular basis to ensure the most relevant topics, materials, case studies and experiences are utilized in delivery of effective training for the client and attendees. We adapt our training as required to ensure that all participants benefit and gain improved subject matter knowledge and preparedness for incidents that require an environmental response.

 We offer

 1. IMO 1,2,3

2. ICS (Incident Command System) training and facilitation

3. SCAT (Shoreline Cleanup & Assessment Team) training and assessments

4. HNS (Hazardous Noxious Substances) training

5. OSR Equipment Training

6. Drills & Exercises

7. Contingency planning and assessment


LAMOR is the world’s largest manufacturer of and the only one that can handle every aspect of response operations, from risk assessments, planning, and training to crisis management, spill containment, and waste disposal.