Material Recycling - Water

Material Recycling - Water

Being an expert in purification solutions for the most demanding needs, We provide services to various sectors from municipal waste and potable water to large industrial segments. We are ready to guide your business and processes toward a more sustainable future.

Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial water treatment is classified in two main ways: wastewater and process water. GETP provides solutions and services for both areas. Industrial water treatment challenges differ from municipal water treatment in various ways. The industrial sector typically consumes less water than the municipal sector, but the water may need more specialized treatment and the challenges are much more demanding.

We do our research and development in a co-creation process together with our partners. Our partner LAMOR has exceptional relationships with the universities and water treatment researchers in Finland. In cooperation with our partners, we have created a number of effective treatment processes.


In industrial water treatment, complex compounds, a high nutrient amount and various process chemicals force us to understand the individual processes and circumstances. GETP exploits its team of global experts to solve these puzzles together with our clients. Our tech team works with our local sales team to quickly provide the best and most efficient solution, saving our clients time and money.

Industrial Waste Water

Industrial waste water treatment is the most demanding field in the water treatment sector. Industrial waste waters contain various impurities which are unique to each sector and vary even inside the industry. GETP has a long history in industrial water treatment and we have solutions and processes for numerous needs such as the removal of heavy metals, nutrients, oil and grease and toxic gases.

Most of the cases starts from the problem-solving point of view. The existing production process has been altered which creates a new stream of waste water or creates new impurities which the old plant can’t handle anymore. In these cases we have been able to prove our strength against the competitors and we have provided excellent results.


Our method to approach new challenges is to understand the client’s process. This enables us to comprehend and solve the root cause of the problems. With this approach we are able to provide the safest, most efficient and most cost-effective solutions for the most demanding needs.

Industrial Potable / Process Waters

Industrial process waters are the cornerstone of many production processes. The quality and the flow need to be maintained at the desired level for the required time. Especially in the food and beverage industry, quality plays a huge role and there is no room for errors.

GETP’s high-tech process water and potable water solutions are developed together with Finnish water specialists and are optimized in terms of footprint and energy efficiency. The footprint and weight of process water solutions are critical in many industries, such as the marine sector where they are crucial for vessel design.


Our solutions’ low energy consumption, low operation costs and the most reliable process design guarantees the best result in most occasions. All of our systems are tailormade and the lay-out can be designed to fit your needs, whether it is an existing building or vessel or a new one you are building.

Modern membrane technologies combined with sufficient pretreatment guarantees the best results in water treatment!

We have delivered process water plants for many different industries and applications and have a wide knowledge of different needs. Some of the processes and equipment which we have provided for the energy sector, marine industry, food and beverage industry and chemical industry include ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, flotation and mechanical filtration technologies.

Municipal Water Treatment

Municipal water treatment is one of society’s most basic needs. The availability of clean water and sanitation are a basic human rights and has been enshrined in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Climate change and our increasing population makes the future availability of clean water even more critical

We have focused our development on the most demanding sectors of wastewater treatment. From our portfolio, you can find solutions for toxic gas removal and corrosion reduction, effluent disinfection, water flow routing and retention time extensions with baffle booms, nutrient removal with MBR systems, and many others. Lamor cooperates with many well-known equipment manufacturers and we provide turn-key equipment delivery and services for our valued clients.


Our “Globally Local” operation model offers global expertise and products nearby you at a competitive cost.

GETP boom applications offer more retention time to your process.

Our H2S-removal solutions decrease your operational costs and create a safe working environment for people. Get rid of corrosion with our solution.

Municipal Potable Water Treatment

Potable water production and distribution create a challenge in many countries. Climate change and the misuse of natural resources are already placing a burden on drinkable water and the situation is predicted to become worse. Municipalities and industries will need to produce their potable water from more demanding raw water sources. GETP has provided solutions globally since 1982 and now develops numerous products and services for the potable water sector.

GETP has brought our three decades of experience from oil spill response solutions to potable water treatment. We have modified our proven booms to work as water intake protection booms and retention time extension booms. Security, permanent and offshore booms can protect your operations from floating organic material, chemicals, or trash.


Water is at the core of GETP’s mission to clean the world. Our partner LAMOR is based in Finland  – the land of a thousand lakes and with some of the purest water in the world. Our municipal potable water treatment solutions are developed to bring these high standards to anywhere in the world – safely, efficiently and economically.