Supply, Laying and Termination of Power Cables & FO cables

Open trench cable laying is often used as opposed to laying cables directly into cable ducts. This method of laying cables into the ground tends to be used where the cables in use are of a higher voltage (MV HV Cables) and therefore have a greater outside cable diameter. Prior to the cable being laid, the cable trench must be dug and prepared properly. The trench width and depth also depends on the location of the cable trench is being dug.

When laying a cable into an open trench, there are key components withinthe typical equipment layout used excluding the trench and the cable.

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1.Cable Winch – the cable winch is situated at the end of cable trench and is designed to be simple and robust. The winch provides smooth and controlled pulling of the cables through the trench.

2.Winch Wire Rope – the winch wire rope is attached to the cable in order for it to be pulled through. The wire rope gives extra strength and allows for heavier cables to be pulled through.

3.Straight Cable Rollers – the straight line rollers are, as the name suggests, for use in the straight part of the trench The rollers enable to the cable to be pulled through without making contact with the base of the trench which would damage the cable outer sheath.Transformers, Motors, and Switchgears for All MEP, Oil & Gas Disciplines and providing fully professional and highend quality services at your door step.