Cable Fault Identification, Jointing and Testing Services

Cable fault location is the process of locating periodic faults, such as insulation faults in cables. In essence, a device called the thumper, or surge wave generator, creates a high voltage surge which is launched out onto the faulted cable. This surge of energy will travel along the cable conductor. If it reaches an area of dielectric breakdown or a failure in the insulating material, the transmitted energy will discharge through the gap at the fault and discharge all of the energy through the faulted insulation. All the fault current will then come back through the neutral or shield on the cable, back into the surge wave generator, and then will be dissipated safely to earth potential.


If a several thousand-volt surges is sent into the cable, and all that energy is discharged through the gap or fault, it is going to cause a small explosion. Buried in the ground, this small explosion will cause a percussion and soundwave to travel up through the layers of earth. As a result, a thumping sound can be heard on the surface of the ground. To locate the defect in the underground cable, a repair crew has to walk along the surface of the ground listening for this thumping sound. Once the fault is pinpointed, the crew digs a hole and repairs the faulted cable. Machines used for these types of findings are Megger PFL 22, KEP SWG 2000. We are specialized in finding cable fault on all type of HV/MV/LV Cables and providing fully professional and high-end quality services.