Supply, Installation, Testing & Maintenance of LV & HV Switchgears

When searching for a reliable company in Qatar providing Supply, Installation, Testing & Maintenance of LV & HV Switchgears for All MEP, Power Plants, Oil & Gas Disciplines, GETP will be the right choice for all your needs.

Switchgear maintenance, testing, and regular inspections are important safety measures. Some parts are said to require no additional care but should be inspected periodically to ensure proper functionality. The development of a preventive care plan is your first step toward dependable operation.

Protection Relays, CTs, VTs etc. and of course at the end – enclosures (indoor or outdoor type). The frequency of inspection and maintenance of switchgear should be 3-6 months when new equipment is installed and 1-2 years for existing equipment.

Inspect for physical damage, cracked insulation, broken leads, tightness of connections, defective wiring, and overall general condition. Verify that primary and secondary fuse or circuit breaker ratings match drawings. Verify correct functioning of draw out disconnecting and grounding contacts and interlocks.