Transformer, OLTC Testing, Oil Leak Rectification, Oil filtration & Regeneration Work


We are having contracts for Operation & maintenance for Dry & Oil Transformers.

We are expert in Transformer Overhauling & oil leak rectification work, including On Load Tap Changers.

Testing of Transformers includes Insulation resistance tests, winding resistancetests, Tan-Delta Test, Ratio Test, Magnetizing balance, SFRA, DFRA, Partial Discharge, and other special type of tests.

We are specialized in Oil Filtration and Regeneration for all type of Transformersand providing fully professional and high- end quality services.

Your electrical transformer needs to be checked every 6 months for IFT, DDA, flash point, sludge content, acidity, water content and dielectric strength along with how resistant it is to transformer oil.Replacement & repair of control switches, alarms and relays along with their circuits, Remote Tap Changer Control Panel and Relay and Control Panel. Examination of Oil & Winding Temperature Indicator Checking the proper function of Buchholz and Press Release Device relay. Leaking bushings, worn-out gauges, peeling paint, and signs of rust are all common problems that can easily be resolved, allowing your transformer to run well for many years. There are several other problems that can occur inside the transformer. If you detect them early enough, most can be repaired.

GETP team is well verse for Transformer maintenance activities