Testing, Commissioning & Condition Monitoring Services of Electrical Substation


Testing and commissioning of substation electrical equipment is an important and critical activity. This activity is of vital importance and is influential in  ensuring the health of equipment. GETP Engineers have excellent knowledge of the testing and commissioning procedures. And able to evaluate, accept or reject the test results and decide whether equipment is suitable for commissioning.

Building the confidence of client to understand and deal with technical aspects involved in testing and commissioning. It will contribute to timely execution of the project. It will help to identify potential faults or problems before hand which will save lot of time, money and efforts.We know various pre commissioning tests and Diagnostic tests/ measurements to be carried out at site on each substation equipment and interpret the test results/reports by comparing with FAT results. And Knows Methodology and equipment used for testing of protection relays.

Pre commissioning tests on substation equipment. Rating and specification of testing equipment and test procedure as per relevant IEC standards. Diagnostic tests / measurements on substation equipment and creation of reference data. Validation of pre commissioning test results with FAT results. Pre commission testing of relays by secondary injection method Parameterization of functional elements of numerical relays based on relay coordination document. Case study for relay settings & relay coordination measurement of overall resistance of earthing system by adopting testing methods specified in IEEE998 standard. Safety interlocks prior to energization of substation equipment.